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what is transformational leadership?

Transformational leadership is a versatile and dynamic framework that can respond to diverse cultural settings, leadership teams, community groups and individuals. This leadership approach creates an inclusive and adaptable learning environment for everyone. Whether you are inspired to lead or seek opportunities for personal and professional growth, transformational leadership advances motivation and morale to create positive change for oneself and the collective greatest good. People move together and forward where common points of interests intersect. 


hi, i'm doris.

In 2015, I completed my M.A. in Leadership from Saint Mary’s College of California (SMC). Throughout the program, I applied my education in transformational leadership towards personal and professional aspirations. These goals included changes to a healthier lifestyle, implementing strategic collaborative approaches with colleagues and leadership teams in diverse work settings, and advancing conflict resolution education (CRE) in our communities and schools. The outcomes provided positive shifts with myself and others.


One of the positive shifts was reframing my life experiences as learning experiences and discovering alternative healthy solutions to challenges. These moments presented a renewed perspective: understanding human systems thinking and responding to issues in need of positive change. I am passionate in holding a safe space and facilitating the art of transformational leadership where the following are respected:

  • Human interconnectedness and growth

  • Human capital reinvestment to advance personal and professional growth

  • What human dignity looks like for you and others

  • Individual and organizational values driven culture

  • The power and choice of words when speaking with one another 

  • To be "seen" and "heard"

  • How understanding different personality preferences and stress management styles offer clarity and added value in team dynamics and work-life balance efficiency 

  • Understanding intergenerational and cultural dynamics


Along with my passions in CRE and compassion cultivation training, the transformative experience at SMC culminated with an aspiration - to create a holistic and adaptable transformational leadership practice tailored to the need of the client. I serve individuals, groups, and organizations seeking to create healthy and beneficial changes in their lives, within communities, and work cultures.The four cornerstones of my framework are collaboration, shared values, reflection, and service. The values I share are courage, vision, and compassion. 

In 2019, I began to dive deeper into intuitive healing as a result of some profound life changes. I am currently working on completing my certification in an intuitive masters training program and excited to incorporate the learnings into the transformational leadership practice. By integrating your mind, body, heart, and spirit in pursuing your aspirations, get ready to lead your authentic self with clarity and perseverance.

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"There are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something."

  Thomas A. Edison


  Thomas A. Edison

team building + leadership development workshops

Timeframe + Rate will vary based on client's goals

Positive relationship building and teamwork are essential to advance your business objectives and values. Creating a work culture based on integrity, trust, self-accountability and strategic collaboration offer a vital and supportive pathway in professional development. Having a diverse and dynamic team is an investment and long-term asset. In the team building and leadership development workshops, individuals develop and strengthen their skills in emotional intelligence. We leverage the workshops by understanding each other's styles, individually and as a team, in a learning environment and respectfully.

Participants must complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step I assessment and type introduction module prior to the first day of workshop. Certified in Kerwin & Associate's MBTI Optimizing Team Performance Program, the following workshops are offered:

  • Team Building

  • Communication

  • Conflict Management

  • Change Management

  • Stress Management

  • Leadership Development


 inspired by radical generosity, sessions are free.       

donations are welcome!

3 - 4 Months

(via Skype or Los Angeles in-person)


Motivated to enhance your quality of life and aspirations and looking to shift away from blockages? 


Through the practice of transformational leadership, you will take action in manifesting your vision.

  • Initial 50 minute free consultation to identify goals + good fit

  • One Assessment: The Myers-Briggs Step I personality/stress management  

  • Identifying personal values to guide us throughout the process

  • One 1.5 - 2 hour session: Discuss findings + establish action plan

  • Five 1 hour sessions: Implement transformational leadership process

         SHARED TRANSFORMATIOn            

    inspired by radical generosity, sessions are free.     

donations are welcome!


3 - 4 Months

(Los Angeles             in-person)

Inspired to work with friends or community peers (up to 6 people) towards a common goal or problem-solve an issue?


As you co-lead and innovate throughout the transformational leadership process, you will gain the benefits of shared learning and strategic collaboration while cultivating your individual and collective goal.


  • ​Initial 60 - 90 minute free consultation​ to identify goals + good fit

  • One assessment: The Myers-Briggs Step I personality/stress management

  •  Identifying personal values to guide us throughout the process

  • One 1.5 - 2 hour session: Discuss findings + establish action plan

  • Five 1 hour sessions: Implement transformational leadership process



Doris is amazing!  She is generous with her time, thoughtful with her insights, and brings a genuine curiosity and care to the process.  In the initial stage of my work with Doris, I identified integration/wholeness as the guiding title of my story. My hope was to take concrete action towards more balance within my life – especially as it relates to health and wellness.  The tools Doris integrates throughout her practice, including values exploration and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), helped bring light and language to my story – past, present, and future. Doris’ interpretation of my assessment results gave me the opportunity to choose what I would like to bring my attention towards.  She consistently allowed me the opportunity to reflect on the results and her interpretation of them in order for me to ultimately decide if and what felt relevant to my own process. Ultimately, in addition to a better understanding of the values present in my life, I was able to integrate a more consistent mindfulness meditation practice into my daily life, advocate for professional clarity, equity, and recognition, and initiate more creative spaces for me to connect with myself and my loved ones.  I am grateful for Doris’ guidance in empowering me to take even more of a lead in my own life!

-M.S. (NOV 2018)

As a person who had sexual reassignment surgery years ago, I have had to deal with a lot of of blockages and fears. After years of working on myself, I still felt that there was a final element that was missing, something that could unlock my full potential and bring me to my full fulfillment of empowerment and encouragement.

The transformational leadership sessions with Doris was just that tiny key I was searching to unlock my full potential. As a person that self sabotaged myself when it came to relationships and love, transformational leadership helped me in truly finding my inner love and courage; and to realize that not only was I deserving of love, but that I was capable of it.

I learned with the many tools provided throughout the sessions that you can love yourself and be yourself, but most importantly it is your inner core which can prevent you from accomplishing what you set out to be.

These sessions were a reminder of who I am, why I made the decision to have a sex change and that it’s ok to be open about my truth.

These sessions were a reminder that it’s about loving myself wholly because it’s the only way I can offer someone the same thing.

I am truly grateful (and to anybody that is looking to find the tools to unlock your inner power and courage); transformational leadership may be the key to that difficult journey.

A very grateful,

Maya Fonseca

(FEB 2019)




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